Doctor Dan’s Music Show – Post Covid Update!

Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty worked in the same tradition as blues heroes of old, performing in dive bars and private parties across the USA. Following that path Doctor Dan’s Music Show performed at thousands of stops at juke joints, dive-bars, community centers and small theaters from the East Coast to the West Coast, hitting Nashville, Austin, Memphis and New Orleans, performing at Farm Aid with Willie and Neil. Just before covid, the band was performing live in NYC and LA. We even hit #16 on the Jamband Charts!

#16 in November.

During the covid shutdown, Dan began acquiring special pickups and building his own guitars. The guitars were traditional “t-style” guitars but with exciting colors and amazing pickup combinations.

By the end of the pandemic, Dan was anxious to test the guitars on the general public. The old venues had closed but there were solo shows available in the East Village. Many of these types of shows featured known artists often doing covers, but Dan stuck to original material. Not only was he selling guitars from the stage but his songs were getting a positive response. The gigs became more frequent, and interest in the guitars grew as the songs took on a life of their own.

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